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Uchouten Kazoku ||The Eccentric Family


Uchouten Kazoku ||The Eccentric Family

Uchiuten kazoku

“As long as you live, there’s no way to escape saying good-bye.”

Uchouten Kazoku ||The Eccentric Family || 720p

Anime Idea : In Kyoto, there are three kinds of residents: humans, raccoon dogs, and tengu. Shimogamo Yasaburou is the third son of the Shimogamo raccoon dog family. His father, Souichirou, had been the head of Kyoto raccoon dog community until he was eaten by the human members of “Friday Club”. While taking care of old tengu, fighting with other raccoon dogs, and playing with a psychic human girl, Yasaburou approaches the truth of his father’s death.

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy

Status: Complete , Episode : 13


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Kisuke Urahara

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