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You Can Request us to Upload Any of the Finished or Ongoing Anime Here 🙂


Anime World BD


Download Mini Mkv HD anime directly 


Important note : we are able to do the request so fast cause we are using VPS(Virtual Privater Server) for now with our own money .. which is gonna expire very soon … so if you people want to request more and more anime and get em soon please consider donating .. so that we can keep the VPS and provide you with faster service 🙂 .. we only need 30$ only per month to keep the VPS up and running ..and we admins will be giving 10$ that means 5$ for both of us so only 20$ that we need from our fellow anime-lovers,we feel ashamed of wanting donation from you people but do consider we are not getting anything from it so we are wanting help from our fellow anime-lovers so that we all can enjoy anime Hope you people will not let us down 🙂 . .. so consider donating at-least 10$ for us 🙂


-AWB Team



       Remember While Posting :

  • Look For it in Our Anime List 1st. If not found only then request
  • Search it in our Chat Box/ Search Box
  • If still not found then—
  • Post The Full Name of the Anime With Season (ex- Season 1, 2)
  • We won’t be doing 2 quality uploads for the same anime (only if u have donated we will)
  • We barely would upload the same anime from 2 different subs (only if u have donated we might reconsider )


  • Here is a Sample of a Simple Request >>
                           Anime : Death-Note


  • Here is a Sample of a Detailed Request >>

                           Anime : Clannad

                           Requessting in .. [720p, BD, Dual Audio][/720p,] (if Possible)


                           Raw source : www. example.com/clannad … 

                           Subs : fffansubs

Restriction on Request : 

Don’t Request more then 1 anime At a time ( if you didn’t do donation) If we can find u out .. we will ignore any request of yours .. Be fair .. Enjoy our Service.

Any Kind of Hentai [Reason : It Spoils the Real Beauty of Anime Characters ]

!!Also Anime that We will be Completed Fast is a subject of Availability !!
If you want in BD .. we will serch for BD only for you .. if not found we will not upload it ..
Same goes for Dual Audio .. English Dubbed  … So Please Mention Specifically about your request.

We have lots of works to Do . So Don’t have time to fool around after a wrong request .. :3



😀 arigatou for being with us 😀


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