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So we are back finally :D :D . We have successfully resolved the problem although there is still some problem that are yet to be solved! Hopefully those problem will be solved by the end of this month ! so till then keep downloading the anime that we have on the site currently and we will update anime shows after we solve those problem!

Thanks for being with us :D


1 : Respect San – $ 30 >>>> Arigatou !!   

2. Samuel San –  $ 17.31 >> Arigatou !! 

3. Habib San –  $ 6.0 >> Arigatou !! 

4.Samuel San (~Lusty~) -$157(sent $165)>> Arigatou!!  

5.James San $14.04(sent $15)>>Arigatou gozaimas

6.Joshua Bryant San –  $ 6.0 >> Arigatou !! 

7.Walled San –  $20 >> Arigatou !! 


Needed more – !!     + more if you want us to keep getting better & Ads free & get a super VPS to encode throughout the whole year :D


Want to donate via paypal directly ? 

Just follow this guide: Click me! 

and kindly send your donations thru

note: You need to follow the guide to prevent paypal from getting you any fee for the donation.

“Help Us To go on & keep our VPS to encode faster & keep the site Ads free forever ”
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    Those who don’t like the idea of ads popping up while we are trying to download anime. We believe that there should not be any ads or waiting time between anime and us.

    So mina san for the sole purpose of promoting anime by providing ads free direct download we opened this site.While we are walking on this road we might need some help from our fellow anime lovers to bear the server cost so consider donating


    OR help us by joining us as an encoder(P.S we will teach you how to do it :p if you don’t know that is)

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